Solar Extreme Events of 2003:
Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects

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Energy storage in the corona for solar flares and CME
Podgorny A.I., Podgorny I.M.,

The possibility of current sheet creation in the vicinity of a neutral line and energy accumulation in the sheet magnetic field were demonstrated in laboratory and numerical experiments. These data and results of observation permit to build the electrodynamical solar flare model that explains solar flares and CME appearance during current sheet disruption. The model explains also all phenomena observed in flares. 3D MHD simulation shows that current sheet creation occurs above an active region prior to flare. The magnetic field of Sun spots for an active region is approximated by vertical magnetic dipoles placed under the photosphere. The calculations have been carried out for several big flares. The energy accumulated in the current sheet magnetic field exceeds 10^{32} erg. These calculations demonstrate that conditions for current sheet creation are very sensible for magnetic field distribution on the photosphere. For reproduction of real boundary condition (that is very important for flare prognoses) the magnetic flux between spots should be taken into account. For this purpose the method of photospheric magnetic maps using as the boundary conditions is developed for the Peresvet code. Such method permits to take into account all evolution of magnetic field during several days before the flare. Examples of calculation for the real flare are demonstrated.

Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, 2004