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Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects

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Physics of heliospheric current sheet
Podgorny I.M., Podgorny A.I.,

Heliospheric current sheet creation takes place during solar corona expansion due to the plasma pressure gradient. The gravitation force is an important factor that determines possibility of solar wind appearance. Some critical value of the coronal plasma pressure should be achieved for stationary solar wind creation. This pressure is determined by the rate of solar mass escape, corona temperature, and gravitation. In the ring current at radial expansion of the solar corona the charges move freely under Lorenz force action, and polarization does not appear. As a result, E=0 in the sheet, and the current density becomes as j = {\sigma} VxB/c. The heliospheric ring current sheet appears only in the presence of a normal magnetic field component. So, the sheet can not be a neutral one. Current generation is similar to action of the short closed MHD generator. Magnetic reconnection can not play a significant role in energy balance. The solar wind temperature is determined by plasma cooling because of plasma expansion and heat conduction from the Sun. In the process of expansion the solar wind is accelerated and achieves the supersonic velocity. Corona expansion and heliospheric current sheet creation have been investigated by numerical solution of 3D MHD equations. Plasma compression, dissipation and thermal conductivity are taken into account. The dipole magnetic field corresponding to the solar activity minimum, and typical corona parameters are used as initial conditions. The stationary plasma flow is very sensible to corona parameters. The boundary velocity is set using the equation of continuity and the rate of solar mass escape. Calculation without gravitation is also carried out for comparison our results with data obtained by other authors. The special graphics is eveloped for Persvet code that permits to represent field lines in the 3D space.

Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, 2004