Solar Extreme Events of 2003:
Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects

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October-November 2003 events by Yakutsk muon apparatus complex data
Grigoryev V.G., Starodubtsev S.A., Timofeev V.E., Krivoshapkin P.A., Chuprova V.P.,

A rigidity spectrum and behaviour of the cosmic ray anisotropy vector during six Forbush-decreases in the unique events in October-November 2003 are studied. The 1-hour cosmic ray muon intensity data at the Yakutsk station are used. Measurements have been carried out at $0$, $7$ and $20$ m w.e. levels which corresponds to the effective cosmic ray energies $53$, $75$ and $125$ GeV. It is shown that in all the considered events the hard power energy spectrum with an index about $0.57$ is found and that the anisotropy vector amplitude depends weakly on the cosmic ray energy.

Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, 2004