Solar Extreme Events of 2003:
Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects

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Substorm associated Pi2-3 geomagnetic pulsations on the main phase of the October 30, 2003 superstorm
Kleimenova N. G., Kozyreva O. V.,

The main phase of the strongest storm (30 October) was accompanied by several intense magnetosphere substorms with amplitudes more than 2500 nT. The succession of four separated substorms, which quick shifted to the lower latitudes, was observed in the night sector at 19-24 UT. The very strong similar latitude shifts of Pi2-3 pulsations (f ~1-10 mHz, T ~ 2-10 min) were observed. The Pi2 and Pi3 range geomagnetic pulsations and riometer absorption have been analysed by using the observations on the ground network of magnetometers including Russian Borok station and Scandinavia riometers as well as the global Intermagnet data. The different types of the amplitude spectral analysis (Fourier transforms, wavelet, dynamic spectra) have been applied. The magnetic keogrames (latitude-MLT pulsation amplitude distributions) for selected UT-intervals showed the unusual global spatial-temporal pulsation activity dynamics during each given substorm.

Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, 2004