Solar Extreme Events of 2003:
Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects

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A new look at the sun in the light of the theory of creation
Pavlov V.,

The report gives the following hypothesis: the sun is a cooling star. The age of the sun can be calculated in accordance with the laws of thermal radiation of objects, according to data and calculations, received and produced by observation of the supernova explosion of 1987, This hypothesis is a logical summary of a series of events, which comply with the theory of creation. According to such an approach this prediction can be made about the condition of the sun and its immediate future. This new opinion allows us to comprehend much more deeply the state of peace, in which we are alive, and in due time to perform the search for anticipatory measures to aid global protection of mankind in compliance with the predicted extreme conditions of the sun.

Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, 2004